Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

Have been thinking randomly these days.. No one thought has a connection to the other.. Its like a stream of thoughts which come to my mind and then flow.. It also means that I lie in the bed thinking for almost an hour or so in the night whereas I should have slept.

The thoughts range is not definite.. It starts from the work pressure, need to do some more planning-- oops-forgot to write a mail to the concerned person in North America-- why do associates dont take the responsibility-- why do I suffer all the brunt-- when will I be able to make people around me happy-- what wrong I have done that should have been avoided-- when will I get a chance to meet the person whom I value, love, respect, trust the most-- the talks that have happened between us-- the time that we have spent together-- my upcoming UK trip-- what all will I do there-- will it turn out to be as good as I have thought of-- when will my chicken pox marks vanish-- when will I get to watch a movie-- buy a good pair of jeans-- India should win the world cup.....

The thoughts just go on and on and on and on.... There is no link, connection between the two thoughts.. Suddenly they appear in my mind and I start to think. After sometime I realise that its been quite sometime that I am awake and if I dont sleep on time, my quota will not be over... Next day I'll be awake half asleep... So with all these thoughts and much more still on my mind, I go to sleep only to realise the day after that I dont remember a thing about the last night!!!!

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