Thursday, March 22, 2007


I often wonder how priorities change with the passage of time. When I was a child, my priorities were homework, playing stapoo, cartoon shows, comics, watching Saturday evening movie in the small club.. As I grew up into a teenager, my priorities were doing well in my studies, getting the pictures of the movie star whom I had a crush on :-), play with my dog, start to think about the future subjects that I would like study... Once I passed out of school, my priorities were to think about my career, what all would I like to do in my future, rather which field I would like to step into.... As the time passed, I realised that the thoughts are very different from what actually happens.

Till the time when I was in college, I always thought that I would get into the line of CA, CS, ICWA or probably a Probationary Officer in a bank. Once I finished my Masters in Commerce, I landed up as a software engineer in an unknown city - Pune. Never in my wildest dream had I thought that I will work as a software engineer. Reason being I come from a total non-technical background. Dont even have that qualification of being a software engineer.

My priorities have changed again. After working successfully in this field for the last 6-1/2 years, now my priorities are to settle down with the person who means the world to me. This is a distant dream that I dream of everyday. I really dont know whether this will come true or not. Another priority is to make a house for myself... Living in a rented house is big headache on its own... Another priority is to send my Mom to stay with my brother for sometime. She will get sometime away from me and be relieved to be with him. So now I am prioritising my priorities....

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