Friday, March 30, 2007

Of Fags & Staircases

Come out of the work place on to the staircase and one can smell the smoke of the cigarettes. How I dislike to use the staircase because of the smoke filled there. Working in A/c offices do not allow you to smoke at your work places and this is the reason people have to use the staircases to satisfy their urge.....

Although I dont smoke nor do I like its smell, but there is something interesting about it that I like. The conversation(read gossip) that happens can be the most interesting, intelligent, sad, happy, intriguing. I have also noticed that people become the best of friends while they share a smoke. The conversation starts with asking for a light. Then it just carries on. It can range from politics-films-world economy-latest gizmos-sexy girls-managers-jobs-marriage-wife-kids-home affairs-jokes-anecdotes... just about anything.... Even some of the grapevines start with the smoke....

Sutta-break(as I call it) gives people that space, freedom to share their ideas, views over any topic. Also nobody judges them during the conversation. Some of my friends smoke and when they dont find any company, they ask me to accompany them not to smoke, but just to talk. I have always noticed that during these times they share the most secretive secrets and become all the more friendlier(in a healthy way)... These conversations gives the smokers a break from the monotonous routine and allows them to pour their heart out.

(In no way, I promote smoking. Smoking is injurious to health whether its active or passive)

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