Monday, March 26, 2007

Marriage and Armed Forces

The other day I spoke to one of the school friend who is serving in Indian Army. Currently he is a Major. As usual, the topic of marriage came up. Both of us asked each other, why we are still single? Told him my part of the story. But I was quite poignant after I heard his story.

Well, he had been in a few relationships before. Its not that he never found any girl till now. He had a steady relationship with a girl for quite a few years. When the matters became serious and he thought of settling down, came the big question - his job profile. The girl wanted him to quit the job of Armed Forces. The reason being that she felt that there is no security in his job profile. He tried hard to reason out but to no vain. He had no choice but to step out of the relationship. He could not have quit his job just to get married.

Last year he got engaged to a girl who was a daughter of an Army Officer. After a few months, the girl broke the engagement on just one pretext. She doesnt want to marry any Army Officer... She herself was a daughter of an Army Officer, still she didnt respect his job.. He is quite heart-broken after these sad state of affairs. He also told me that in the matrimonial section of the newspaper, people specifically write that Armed forces Officers should not contact. I really wonder about those girls. Why did they get into a relationship with him, knowing very well about his background.

All this left me aghast. In a country like India, people still have these thoughts that an army officer is not a good match. These officers who serve our country, lay down their lives for us, sacrifice their own families, happiness for us are being treated like this, leaves me depressed. The officers deserve a much better treatment, least being the respect which they should get from every Indian for what they do. I see no harm in marrying an army officer. I shall feel proud to be associated with this esteemed organisation. I find that this is the only organisation where people work for others, more than for themselves. There is no selfishness involved. They live for their country, they die for their country.

I understand that the risk involved is higher than in any other job, directly. But then, there are no assurances for anyone's life. One can meet with an accident on the road, die in a plane crash, or it can be a simple heart-attack which people suffer from due to stress. I will not say that any job is better than the other. But yes, an army officer does have an edge over the other sections of the society. I hope to get married to an Army Officer one day....

(I am referring to all the officers of the three services of Armed Forces by writing Army Officer).

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