Friday, March 09, 2007


Last few days have been so busy that it seems life is moving at a speed of 120 kms.... Looking for a house, shifting, getting the required adjustments done, setting up the house, making monthly reports, attending the training, replying to mails, project deadline ... Phew!!! It is too much... I am running from pillar to post to make everything work. I dont get time to think, do anything for myself. I am always on my toes to finish off the tasks which are of higher priority.

Apart from all this, I have to plan for my upcoming travel in the month of April. Need to get the Visa, tickets, FOREX done. I also need to get in touch with the people whom I shall be meeting on my trip. I have to buy gifts, plan my packing, finish off other important tasks before I leave. So life is actually a roller coaster ride these days. All the running around has actually taken a toll on my health. I am down with cold, fever, bodyache and it refuses to go away. Seems my body is punishing me for taxing it so much with work.

Oh God!!! How I hate to be responsible-for-everything person at times. I am waiting to have my own space so that I can breathe and relax for a while. My holiday trip is not too far away and I look forward to it... :-)

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