Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The blue billions return!!

So we have lost all the chances of winning the world cup this time. The men in blue did not make it this time. The loss against Bangladesh and SriLanka has put the morale down of every Indian. They have lost all the hopes from our team. Am sure even the team is going through a bad phase. One could clearly see the gloomy look on their faces. Ofcourse they have also felt bad in the same way as we all Indians did. What I didnt like about the whole affair was the way the whole nation reacted to the loss.. Instead of boosting the morale, they have come down to cheap ways of pulling the cricketers down.

What is done is done. It cannot be changed. Agreed that there were mistakes, there were under-performances, over-expectations, over-confidence, lack of team spirit. But instead of playing the blame game, what is required is to get up and to work towards making the team more stronger and improving them. They are also humans and to err is human. Mistakes have been done. Now the only aim should be to rectify them and to learn from them.

It will not help anyone if we just play the blame game. Enough has been said to pull the players already. Its just a game. We have not lost any life. In a game, one has to win and the other has to lose. But its just not fair to demoralise the team which is already depressed. The least that we can do is to pull them back so that they can deliver the best of their performances and make us all proud.

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