Friday, February 16, 2007


Finally I have found a house and I heaved a sigh of relief. After so many days of hunting, I have managed to find a house in the same locality and in the same society... All the insecurities, inhibitions, fears have come to an end. Now I should be able to shift by next weekend if everything goes well. The landlord is still to come down to Gurgaon to sign the lease. The present tenants should move out by this weekend. The house is in a quite good condition. Rather I should say that its in a very good condition, considering the fact that the present tenants are staying there for the last 4 years. Not a single scratch anywhere and the house is spotlessly clean.. No cobwebs, no dirt, nothing broken, leaking, cracked... Just the way I maintain a house.

I have spent sleepless nights due to the tension of not having a house. All the while I was in office, I used to think about finding a house. It was quite difficult for me to concentrate anywhere else. The number of calls I have made to the property dealers are countless. My phone bill is going to shoot up like anything like this month, but its worth it. Atleast I found the house that I want. The good news came today on Shivratri. Thanks to Lord Shiva!

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Tanya Brar said...

Wish you all the best n enjoy in your new home :)