Monday, February 12, 2007


I always wonder what does the word : Love means.. Does it mean that you have to stay with the person forever. Does it mean that you do whatever the other person likes. Does it mean changing yourself according to the other person. Does it mean that you accept the other person with his faults or would you like to change them. Will you love the other person only 'If' he or she behaves the way you want to. Will you still love that person incase you are not able to live with him/her forever. Will you still love that person even if he or she does not loves you. Will you still love the person, incase after marriage you find that there are many things in between you two that none of you are ready to change/accept. Does love ever lessens with the period of time.

Well, there are too many questions coming up in my mind. Every year as Valentine's day approaches, I think about them. My perception of love is, it never dies. People may move on, but somewhere down in their heart a small piece of love does remains for the other person. Love means that there are no conditions attached to it. Love means that you accept the person as he is. Love means that you both are ready to change/sacrifice whenever is needed. Marriage is a step ahead of love. So even if it that doesnt happen, love doesnt die. Love never dies. It keeps on growing if it is actually love. Love means being the strength of the other person and not weakness. Love does not makes you weak. It makes you stronger. It makes you confident.Love means sharing, caring, co-operating, adjusting unconditionally.


Tanya Brar said...
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Tanya Brar said...

very well written buddy...i have gone through ur entire blog n u r source of inspiration 4 me...honestly i got into blogging after reading urs...keep up the gud work..kudos!!