Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I often wonder how do people handle criticism. Well, criticisms are good to an extent when it means to improve the person or bring about a good change in the person. But when the criticism is meant to pull the person down or to make him feel miserable, then it is difficult to handle.

I am in the same situation. I have handled criticism right from the beginning in a good spirit. Over the period of time, I have realised that some people are out there only to criticise. They never notice or dont want to notice the good points of the person. They only know how to criticise and pull people down. Without having the full knowledge about a situation or a person, they jump to some conclusion, start giving their useless advices, form a perception and criticise to any extent they can go to....

The criticism is to such an extent that they even manage to influence other people around him. It is as if it has been decided that the person is good for nothing. He is only worth for crticism. People who criticise others do not want to look at their own flaws. They think that they are the perfect human beings on this earth. Such an act definitely does not make them a good human being, leave alone being a perfect human. Why cant they realise that since we are not perfect, thats why we are humans. To err is human.

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