Thursday, January 18, 2007

Unlucky 13

Everytime there is something related to number 13, people tend to shrug away from it. And if the day is a Friday then all the more superstitions... Everyone has an opinion that 13 is a unlucky number and anything associated with it will prove to be unlucky... Movies are not released on 13, anything auspicious is not scheduled for 13, so much that I have seen avoiding the work related to number 13. Just today while a associate was assisting someone with test planning, she said that she will not handle the test case 13. The reason was its an unlucky number..

What I want to understand is, what will she do with her own test plan, test case 13... What if someone's birthday falls on 13. What if we have to travel for our new job on 13. What if the date of joining of a new job is on 13. Will we still consider them as unlucky or lucky since those days bring a change in our lives and we hope for good change....

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