Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Money Matters

I have seen a number of times people changing with the inflow of money. In the beginning they are humble, docile, down to earth, warm, approachable... As the inflow of money grows in their life, the same attitude changes... They become arrogant, rude, unapproachable, cold, insensitive and show lots of attitude... They think they are the best and they rule this world. They think that whatever they do is right and look down on not-so-rich people. They have money to flaunt everywhere and they show off... They may have the best of what the world has to offer in terms of materialistic things, but they don't have the basic human nature of being polite, humble, sympathy, respect... If this is what money does to a person, I am happy that I don't have it.

I have personally seen people changing with the money growth in their life... I really fail to understand why does this happens. My living standard as by far risen since the time I have started working. But I am sure that there is no change in my attitude... I am still the same old person that I was 6 years back. And I am assured of this since I meet people with same outlook as I used to, before.... I may not have the best of the world, but I am happy with the fact that I have not changed as a person.. I have the same respect, love, affection, warmth for all those who matter to me... The only change is that I don't take attitude from anyone now. They may be the king of their place, but not to me.... For me, they are plain human beings who are also living in the world.. That's it!


Morpheus said...

Few realise that money comes and goes..but life cant be brought back and neither can you bring time and love back!

Soulmate said...

I totally agree with you... The sad part is people dont realise this.