Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Marriage vs Job

Here comes the big question. Whether a girl should work after marriage or not. Everytime I hear this question, my brain starts thinking... I have different thoughts everytime... I have a different perspective everytime.. I have different reasons everytime.. There are people all over who keep giving their advices much to my irritation.

There are so many thoughts erupting in my mind all the time regarding this. I have a perception which others fail to understand and I have no issues with it. Currently I am working.. My Mother is with me and she is the one who primarily takes care of the house. My contribution is very little.. It is limited to weekend shopping, paying the bills and any other urgent stuff which requires me to pitch in... Otherwise I hardly do anything. When my Mother goes out of town, the whole house is on me and I find it really difficult to manage. First I thought that it may be due to the fact that I am not used to it. Slowly I realised that its not my cup of tea. I am just not made to manage both the things well, at the same time. Either my job or the house suffers. I dont have that stamina/energy to look after them equally. I eventually fall sick.

I have reached to a conclusion that I dont want to work afterwards(as of now). I want to assess the situation afterwards. If I feel I am able to work, at that point of time, I will otherwise not. I dont want to run into a situation where neither am I doing a justice to my job nor to my house. I am very much aware without any proper help, I cant manage the two simultaneously in a good way... And I am quite aware that no matter how open-minded the in-laws are, at the end of the day they expect the daughter-in-law to do the home-work... Also I would not like that my hubby comes back home in the evening and he finds an empty house.. I would like to be at home when he comes back after a tiring day at work. I may sound like an orthodox village girl, but thats how I am.. I am tired of working for the last 6 years. I have been through a lot at work, at home, in my personal life.. I want to give my life and myself a break. I dont want to work after marriage atleast for sometime. Would like to devote my full attention to my house, hubby, family atleast for sometime and I dont find anything wrong with it. There is no rule that if I am working now, I have to work after marriage as well. The decision should be left on me, not forced upon me.


Morpheus said...

Dont worry! If you have to ability to exercise the option of not working dont. Dont make too many long term decisions though. You might feel differently later! Quitting and sitting at home is not a problem, and dont go by what others say and think. You do what makes you happy!

Soulmate said...

I really wish I am able to do what I want. The pressures sometimes kill me..