Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So as the security tightens around the country, borders, cities, roads, it has been tightened in the office network as well... No, no, don't get me wrong. I am not talking about the physical barriers. Its about the internet security. Most of the sites have been blocked much to my frustration. First the messengers were blocked. That's ok.. We are here to work and not chat.. Then a proxy site called Meebo was banned because some people were still using that site to chat... Fine with it... As the popularity of Orkut grew, people started using it and one could see that people were spending most of their time making friends, writing scraps, sending messages, finding friends.... The site was blocked... Smart as software engineers are, they found a proxy site to open orkut... Though it was done carefully so that no manager sees it, but still it was used quite widely, not extensively..... Our IS team is even more smarter..... They have blocked that proxy site as well... No problems with that....

Today morning when I tried to open the Flickr site, to my astonishment found that even this site has been blocked. One can sign in to the site, but cannot click on their pictures or upload any pictures... Just the home page opens... I guess the day is not far when the whole internet access would be restricted... Except for checking mails, one cannot do anything now... This is just not fair... A purely photograph site like Flickr where many people like me just want to post their pictures and get assessed is banned, does not make sense to me... Not sure if anyone can misuse that site as well where I have seen the best pictures from the best people... :-( Now I need to find another way to post my pictures on flickr.

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