Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another year dawns.

One more year has passed by.. Time flies so quickly.. Just a few months back I was struggling to find a new house and that was also a new year... Again am in the same situation... Just thinking what all went good and bad in the past year... I cant think of many good things but there is quite a long list of bad things.

So as the tradition goes, I shall put down the good ones first.
- I managed to find the house which is good enough.
- My closest friend and I started talking to each other again, after resolving the differences.
- Found a few of my old friends whom I had lost touch with.
- Started this blog as well as my photoblog.
- Visited my hometown Dehra Dun after a long gap of 4-1/2 years.
- Holiday in Maldives, Jaipur.

Here comes a list of the bad ones.
- I need to find another house as my landlord plans to sell off this house.
- I fell ill and was down with Chicken Pox for three weeks.
- The scars refuse to go and it makes me look even worse... :-(
- I lost my project and it was given to someone else.
- I have almost lost all the hopes of having the person in my life, who means the most to me.
- I received rejection from everyone.
- I have lost a few friends. They have not contacted me ever since they met me.
- The unnecessary expenditure that I had to do, dishearteningly.
- All my hopes for a good life are gone.
- I have lost faith in God.
- I lost almost all those who hold a value to me.
- Above all, I have lost myself. I have lost all the hopes, all the interests, all the faith, all the desires.

Happy New Year....

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