Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Widow Re-marriage

As the movie Baabul released on Friday, I could easily relate it to the incident that happened in my family. The movie deals with the re-marriage of a young woman who has lost her husband.

More than 40 years back(I was not even born at that time), my eldest uncle and aunt were driving home in US... Aunt was driving. Just then there was a head on collision. My uncle died on the spot. Thankfully, my aunt was saved though she did suffer some injuries. It was quite a big blow for the family especially for my Grandparents who lost their young son... My Grandmother could not take the shock and expired sometime later.

My Grandfather stood like a pillar and held the whole family together. He also took the decision of getting my aunt re-married. He had a very clear logic. She is young and has a whole life ahead. She needs someone to be with her all through her life. Also who is there to take care of her once he passes away.

All this had happened when widow re-marriages were not acceptable. But my Grandfather showed prudence and against all odds, my aunt was married off. I can proudly say today that this was his wisest decision. She is very happy, settled with her loving husband and two wonderful sons. She still says that its all because of my Grandfather that she has a life of her own and she is so happy. I hope and pray that there are more people like my Grandfather in this world, who understand the pain of an individual and are more logical, rather than following old customs and traditions laid down by the society.

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veetraag said...

I haven't seen the movie yet; but I do agree with the premise of the movie. The issue of remarriage of widows/devoecees has been todiscussed to death. The best thing to do will be for people to realize that everyone has their own life and we should respect their privacy. This applies to parents as well. Parents inIndia interfere way too much in their children's life esp; when it comes to decisions like marriage/kids etc. Our's will be a healthier society if people started respecting other people's privacy. BTW thank you for the comment on my blog. It was more of a declaration to himself. It is also a declaration of his importance in that person's life. I think about the people in my poems as having real identities.