Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sharp Memory

Somebody's birthday or anniversary comes up and I shall be the first one to wish them. It surprises them to no end that how do I make sure to wish them? Is there a birthday book or a alarm or a diary which reminds me of the upcoming events. The truth is that I have none of these.

The alarm is my brain which stores all this information and hence I am able to wish everyone. Infact this has become such a regular feature that people actually wait for my wish either through call, sms or greeting cards. My whole family, friends, relatives, acquaintances wonder that how do I manage to remember their birthdays, anniversaries!!! Infact one of my friend even said once that I am in the wrong profession with a good memory like this. I should have been doing something related to History where I just need to memorize dates... History...No way!!! How much I used to hate it!!!!

I am happy with this sharp memory which helps me to remember the important days without any help of diaries... I feel happy to wish someone and see that same happy look on their face.

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