Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I have realised

- that there is no one worth crying for in this world.
- that if I deserve something, it'll come automatically to me.
- that I cannot change my destiny, no matter how hard I try or pray.
- that good things don't come so easily.
- that there is a price to be paid for every mistake that we commit.
- that its hard to find true love.
- that it is very important to have my own importance.
- that I should not expect anything from anyone.
- that luck plays a very important part in our lives.
- that it is upto us to be happy or sad.
- that life is not very easy.
- that being lonely all the time is bad.
- that falling in love is the most beautiful thing.
- that separation is the most painful thing.
- that it is very important to have someone in our life who loves us truly.
- that I cannot ask for love, I can only give it.
- that I should not change myself for anyone.
- that I need to give others their space.

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