Monday, December 18, 2006

Hungry kya?

Right now, I am damn hungry... I dont have anything to eat with me. So I am writing. I can think of all the good things that are available to eat. Desserts, chaat, rolls, pizza, burger, spaghetti, ice-creams, cakes, food made by Mom.... Am just hungry.... Ready to eat anything....

With the winters setting in, I have started feeling more hungry... At this time of the day, I hardly ever ate anything... Now I have to eat something otherwise my head aches and I cant concentrate.... My appetite has also increased suddenly. I keep on eating and have to force myself to stop eating... People around me are happy to see me eating... They have their own perception: I need to gain weight, Its good to eat, I eat very less, I work for very long hours, I need nutrition...

All this does not make sense to me... I actually fear of weight gain. I dont like eating at odd hours. I dont want to upset my routine... I dont want to eat junk food. I hope I get back to my proper schedule of having meals at fixed times.

Having said all this, I am having an eclair while I write this post.

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