Monday, November 20, 2006


For the past few days I am stuck on one page of the book I am currently reading - Husbands by Adele Parks. Every time I open the book to read it, my eyes are on it but am not reading. I am just seeing the words, alphabets, sentences, paragraphs but am not reading it. My mind is wandering somewhere else.

All the time I am thinking about my past - recent one, old one and very old one. Am thinking what all I should have done, what all I should not have done, what all I should do. If I had done anything differently or different, would the situation have been better? May be, yes!!! It is also possible that I may have been in a better situation. I also realised there are many situations where possibly I couldn't have done much to improve them. Either they were not in my hands or they were destined. Pessimistic as I may sound but the truth is that I am realistic. Its easy to talk rather than do it.

I think I think too much.. But I am fine with it... I do it for myself and I am happy with it....