Monday, November 06, 2006

Sleepless Nights

For the past one week, I am trying to sleep but sleep also seems to elude me... I want to sleep but I cannot. My eyelids are heavy but the moment I try to sleep, I cannot. My mind is not at rest... It is constantly thinking.. It is trying to look for solutions. My eyes are closed but am not sleeping. I want to drift into deep and peaceful slumber but its almost impossible to do it. I want to rest. My mind needs to rest but there is nothing to put me to sleep at the moment.

The moment I close my eyes, I start to think. I want to change everything that has happened. The situation seems to have got into my head and it refuses to come out. Or I am not able to get it out of my head. I want to divert my attention but it doesnt happen. The only solution I thought to make myself at peace is to sleep. I forgot that sometimes nothing works according to your wish. My basic necessity of sleep is not fulfilled. Am I being harsh to myself or is it life?

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Anonymous said...

dont take happenings so deep into ur mind.i knw u hv remained sufferer always one way or the other but then life goes is like a wheel.if its down at one particular time,its bound to come up demands that u shud face it the way it comes n its going to come ur way too sooner or later.negative thoughts u r to avoid always.may be u can think that u r better placed than many other ppl who r much underprivilaged.....that wud provide ur mind a positive approach n thinking n m sure u wud be able to sleep the way u desires wishes always.