Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Name Sake

As usual, was having weekly meeting with the team. Lots of issues were being discussed. A few new processes were implemented. Made a few changes and guidelines were provided. While were in the middle of the conversation, I addressed one person by someone else' name... Damn!!! Suddenly everyone was staring. I realised that it has not gone un-noticed. There is no one by that name over here. Quickly I apologise and we continue with the meeting.

I believe it happens many times when at the back of your mind, we are constantly thinking about someone. I guess that the same thought over-powers us sometimes and we speak out the name unknowingly and unintentionally. It does lands us in an embarrassing situation. Situations like this are not in our control. There is a thought process going on all the time in our mind and we do get affected by it. I myself dont know how and why I happen to take that name. I agree to the fact that the name is always on my mind. Its something I cant forget, and I am ok with it...

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