Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lonely in a crowd

Sitting in a crowd and yet feeling lonely.. You know the people sitting around you, still you are alone... You know what they are talking about, still you are alone.... Well, thats what I feel off lately... My mind is wandering somewhere else whereas my body is here.. I dont feel a part of it even though I am present there. People try their best to include me in their conversation but still I feel left out. When they start walking, everyone has a partner and I am left alone, walking alone, at the end...

I have not shut my mind to anything... Its just that my brain is continuously looking for something... Maybe it is all because of my present state of mind.. Nothing interests me and I dont even feel like taking interest in anything. Just want to be alone and analyse where did I go wrong. What could I have done to avoid this situation. It just goes back to the same situation. I am not able to accept the fact and this has got into my head.

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