Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lonely Birthday

Another year has passed. Am another year older. Am another year wiser(I think so). Am another year lonely. Am another year sad. Everyone wants to know what I did on my 29th birthday on 25 Nov. I have nothing to tell since I did nothing. I had a very quiet day with just my Mother at home. Didnt go out anywhere for a meal, fun, outing. Watched a movie - Umrao Jaan (starring Aishwarya Rai) and read a book. I dont find anything weird about it.. My birthdays are usually spent alone, quietly with hardly or no one around me. There shall be very few people who will call to wish me, if they remember. Its just another day for me. Sometimes I dont even remember that its my birthday till someone wishes me.

This day also there was nothing special. It had started with a tear when I was remembering what all I had lost and how it could have been avoided. It was almost 12 in the midnight when I got a sms and realised that the day has started. Dont even remember when I went to sleep thinking....

The only surprise that happened was when my school friend turned up in the evening with a big birthday cake for me. For a few moments, I lived and then it was all the same again. Nothing to look forward to... As the day had started, it ended in the same manner.. with a tear...

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B said...

ahh..That was really sad to read that ur bday in 2006 started and ended with a tear.

I like ur writing; its really nice.

I hope u see all the bright and nice things happening in ur life whenever u feel down an upset