Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Sometimes I wonder whether feedbacks are really that important. Does it not mean that others wants us to live our lives, the way they want? If I am not performing/acting the others expect me to, does it make me any less than others. How is it affecting anyone's lives with what I do?? Am I not supposed to do what I want do?? Will others keep on telling me for the rest of my lives about my actions. How can others judge all the time whether what I do is right or wrong? Feedbacks are good till some point of time. But not always. The other person may say against you out of personal grudge and because he actually means it. Also it is not necessary that what others are saying is always right. Probably we need to provide them with the feedback as to what they say and what it means. Why should we make our lives miserable just because somebody doesnt think good about us. Its his/her problem if they are hell bount on just finding the faults.

Keep your USELESS feedback with yourself and let others live peacefully.

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