Friday, November 17, 2006

Computer Class Revisited

A couple of days back I got a call. The person introduced himself as Sanjeev. I was wondering who this Sanjeev is?(Till now I had known only one Sanjeev and that was my computer instructor 8 years back). I just asked casually whether he is Sanjeev Sir? and yes!!! It was him only... I was actually out of words for few moments. Had never thought that my instructor would call me and that also after so many years.

It was such a pleasure talking to him. I remember how he used to scold me the most since I was the youngest one in the batch and probably in the whole centre as well. All the students in the computer centre were either graduates or were on the verge of completing it. And there I was - just out of 12th. He gave me the toughest of programs to write, the longest of exercises to do, but I enjoyed that. All this made sure that I scored the highest marks in all the tests. There is something nice about him. Now to think of it, it was actually a crush. I always used to wait for his class to start. I also have this feeling that he was aware of it. Such a kid I was!! He had a very good method of teaching and his explanations were superb. It's all because of him that I am in this software industry. Had he not given me those complex programs to write and helped me hone my skills, I dont think I would have been here. I have outgrown the feelings that I had, but my respect for him still remains and shall always be.

The good part is that now we can be in touch. Thanks to the growing technology: emails are the easiest way and everyone uses them now. Thanks for calling, Sir!!!

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