Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Profession Change

Right in the middle of a busy street in the evening, my mobile starts ringing. Could not make out who was calling as the number was unknown to me. With some difficulty I manage to answer the call. A young voice greets me smartly. First thought that comes to my mind: Not another credit card, bank loan, insurance call.. But no, it was not what I had thought. The person greets me the way it is done in armed forces. Then asks me to guess who is he?? I was in no mood to guess the name. Just told him straight that he should tell his name. He says that he is Sachin. He asked whether I am Flying Officer _____, posted in Delhi. Now this was amusing. The name is correct but I am not a Flying Officer(even though I wish to be)... Also I am in Delhi but not a Flying Officer.. Alas!!!

Not sure from where did he get my number. But for few moments he thought that I am a Flying Officer in Indian Air Force.. How I wish that was true in the real life.. The name and the location was correct except for the profession, which is one of my passion. Have always wanted to be a part of our esteemed forces through some way or the other. Now that I cant be literally a part of it, I need to find someone who is serving in defence and be his partner.. :-))

Anything for Indian Armed Forces....

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