Friday, October 06, 2006

Men will always be men....

This is how men behave:

I love you
but I cant marry you.

I cant live without you
but I cant marry you.

I want to spend my life with you
but I cant marry you.

I can talk to you about anything and everything
but I cant marry you.

I have found in you the kind of person I was looking for
but I cant marry you.

The reason being they cant tell their parents that they have found their soulmates themselves. If the men dont have the guts to stand and tell the truth, then they dont even have the right to get into a relationship and make the girl emotional. They dont have any right to play with anyone's emotions, sentiments. They want to enjoy with the girl but CAN'T marry. They always have reasons, the biggest one being the parents. My question is: why do they get involved if they cant go ahead with the relationship. If they want to go by their parents choice, then why make anyone think about you. Why cant they ask their parents just once. Its quite possible that the parents will say.. I am not saying that go against the parents, but atleast speak to them. Also you should have the guts, courage to stand for what you think is right. Sometimes, we need to put our view point in such a way that the parents understand it in a correct way.

So all you men, if you ever think of being in a relationship, just dont do it for the heck of it.. Think of the commitment, time, emotions, sentiments involved.


Morpheus said...

Cynical who want to jump into bed with you use all these lines, the world over!! Parents are just an excuse..they would not even dream about talking to their parents...its NOT a relationship..the parents talk is just a carrot to show you he is serious..con lines at their best!!

Soulmate said...

Probably you are right, morpheus.. Sometimes their behaviour bugs me. Parents is the biggest excuse they use when they want to move out.. Men are just impossible... They dont have the guts to tell the truth.