Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How important is importance!!!

Is it wrong to demand the importance that one deserves? Every individual borne deserves a degree of importance. He has a self-respect which soulhd be respected by others. I personally dont find any reason why an individual should be deprived of the importance /respect that he or she deserves. Then why do people have a problem in giving the importance. Just because the other person doesnt always act the way you want it to be, you cannot deprive him of that well deserving respect/importance. The person has always tried to make you happy and did whatever you wanted and the way you wanted. Once if he doesn something to make himself happy and not others, doesnt mean that he should not be given his importance or he should not be respected. This is what tends to happen when one starts acting/living according to others wishes. Our own desires/wishes take a back seat and we are considered to be selfish/self-centered if we do anything to please ourselves even once.

Such double standards can people have!!!!

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