Monday, October 16, 2006

Butterflies in tummy

Someone is coming to meet you very soon. You haven't met him for a long time although you have been in touch through other means. You two share a special bond. You start making plans, what all you'll do, what all you'll tell him, how you'll spend your time... You actually have butterflies in your tummy.. Feeling excited all over...

This is exactly what my condition is right now... A very close friend of mine shall be coming to meet me soon and I am happy all over... Everytime we make a plan to meet, something or the other goes wrong with it... This time I shall make sure that everything goes well and we two are able to meet, spend quality time and talk all that has been pending since a long time... One can actually see the happiness on my face... :-)) A lot things going on in my mind and my state keeps in changing.. Sometimes nervous, sometimes happy, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes confident...

The song which appropriately fits the situation is:

aajkal paon zameen par nahi padte mere,
bolo dekha hai kabhi
tumne mujhe udte hue!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

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