Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Over

So its all over... The inhibitions, the insecurities, the fears, the losing has all come to an end.. I have lost it!! I am not able to accept the fact.. Why does it have to happen with me everytime? What wrong have I done to suffer like this?? Am I wrong in expecting something out of a relationship?? After giving so much into it, the outcome is nothing.. No one else but I am to be blamed for it. There should be no expectations, no optimism, no looking forward... Just let the things move as they are.. Does it make any difference to anybody in the end. I am the lone sufferer and nobody can do anything about it. I have learnt not to get emotional about anyone. I am still not able to swallow the fact that its all over. Nothing more can happen now. Tears keep welling in my eyes and I find it difficult to hold them back. I really dont understand how do others get what they want. What is that EXTRA, they do that I dont do? Am I not worthy enough of having someone? Why does my destiny has to go against my wish all the time?

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