Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Over

So its all over... The inhibitions, the insecurities, the fears, the losing has all come to an end.. I have lost it!! I am not able to accept the fact.. Why does it have to happen with me everytime? What wrong have I done to suffer like this?? Am I wrong in expecting something out of a relationship?? After giving so much into it, the outcome is nothing.. No one else but I am to be blamed for it. There should be no expectations, no optimism, no looking forward... Just let the things move as they are.. Does it make any difference to anybody in the end. I am the lone sufferer and nobody can do anything about it. I have learnt not to get emotional about anyone. I am still not able to swallow the fact that its all over. Nothing more can happen now. Tears keep welling in my eyes and I find it difficult to hold them back. I really dont understand how do others get what they want. What is that EXTRA, they do that I dont do? Am I not worthy enough of having someone? Why does my destiny has to go against my wish all the time?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Diwali Lights.

The biggest festival of the year : Diwali is here.. Hope the lights of diyas and candles take away all the sorrows, pains and bring peace, harmony, love and affection in everyone's life.

Happy Diwali.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Butterflies in tummy

Someone is coming to meet you very soon. You haven't met him for a long time although you have been in touch through other means. You two share a special bond. You start making plans, what all you'll do, what all you'll tell him, how you'll spend your time... You actually have butterflies in your tummy.. Feeling excited all over...

This is exactly what my condition is right now... A very close friend of mine shall be coming to meet me soon and I am happy all over... Everytime we make a plan to meet, something or the other goes wrong with it... This time I shall make sure that everything goes well and we two are able to meet, spend quality time and talk all that has been pending since a long time... One can actually see the happiness on my face... :-)) A lot things going on in my mind and my state keeps in changing.. Sometimes nervous, sometimes happy, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes confident...

The song which appropriately fits the situation is:

aajkal paon zameen par nahi padte mere,
bolo dekha hai kabhi
tumne mujhe udte hue!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Job against Marriage

Has it ever happened that your own job has become a greatest hindrance in you getting married. Everyone is comparing your job status with the prospective bride/groom.... So if you earn more than the other, then the chances are the person will be rejected... There is always a comparison as how to much you are earning against the other person... If the other person is earning a little less, it does not mean that he/she should be rejected on that basis... Then there comes the position... If you are placed highly than the other person, again there is a problem.... If a person is a project lead or a project manager, does not necessarily means that he/she will not be able to accept the fact the their spouse is on a lower rank...

Why cant people think beyond this and just let the girl and boy decide themselves whether they want to go ahead with the marriage or not!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Profession Change

Right in the middle of a busy street in the evening, my mobile starts ringing. Could not make out who was calling as the number was unknown to me. With some difficulty I manage to answer the call. A young voice greets me smartly. First thought that comes to my mind: Not another credit card, bank loan, insurance call.. But no, it was not what I had thought. The person greets me the way it is done in armed forces. Then asks me to guess who is he?? I was in no mood to guess the name. Just told him straight that he should tell his name. He says that he is Sachin. He asked whether I am Flying Officer _____, posted in Delhi. Now this was amusing. The name is correct but I am not a Flying Officer(even though I wish to be)... Also I am in Delhi but not a Flying Officer.. Alas!!!

Not sure from where did he get my number. But for few moments he thought that I am a Flying Officer in Indian Air Force.. How I wish that was true in the real life.. The name and the location was correct except for the profession, which is one of my passion. Have always wanted to be a part of our esteemed forces through some way or the other. Now that I cant be literally a part of it, I need to find someone who is serving in defence and be his partner.. :-))

Anything for Indian Armed Forces....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Brangelina Mania.

Hollywood stars : Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in India to shoot for a movie. This has become an everyday news in every newspaper. Seems like the newspapers are running out of actual news and have shifted their focus on what the couple is doing, where are they going, how much time they spent in hotel, how much time they spent on food?? Paprazzi is going crazy just to take a shot of the couple.

Every newspaper, news channel, radio channel you pick up and there is just one news.. Even in one newspaper the same news will be printed atleast twice. What is this happening? Just because two hollywood stars are in India, doesnt mean that the whole nation has to go crazy after them. Seems like the journalist have forgotten the real journalism and all they want is write about people who dont make any difference...

Leave them alone and get back to real journalism.....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Men will always be men....

This is how men behave:

I love you
but I cant marry you.

I cant live without you
but I cant marry you.

I want to spend my life with you
but I cant marry you.

I can talk to you about anything and everything
but I cant marry you.

I have found in you the kind of person I was looking for
but I cant marry you.

The reason being they cant tell their parents that they have found their soulmates themselves. If the men dont have the guts to stand and tell the truth, then they dont even have the right to get into a relationship and make the girl emotional. They dont have any right to play with anyone's emotions, sentiments. They want to enjoy with the girl but CAN'T marry. They always have reasons, the biggest one being the parents. My question is: why do they get involved if they cant go ahead with the relationship. If they want to go by their parents choice, then why make anyone think about you. Why cant they ask their parents just once. Its quite possible that the parents will say.. I am not saying that go against the parents, but atleast speak to them. Also you should have the guts, courage to stand for what you think is right. Sometimes, we need to put our view point in such a way that the parents understand it in a correct way.

So all you men, if you ever think of being in a relationship, just dont do it for the heck of it.. Think of the commitment, time, emotions, sentiments involved.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How important is importance!!!

Is it wrong to demand the importance that one deserves? Every individual borne deserves a degree of importance. He has a self-respect which soulhd be respected by others. I personally dont find any reason why an individual should be deprived of the importance /respect that he or she deserves. Then why do people have a problem in giving the importance. Just because the other person doesnt always act the way you want it to be, you cannot deprive him of that well deserving respect/importance. The person has always tried to make you happy and did whatever you wanted and the way you wanted. Once if he doesn something to make himself happy and not others, doesnt mean that he should not be given his importance or he should not be respected. This is what tends to happen when one starts acting/living according to others wishes. Our own desires/wishes take a back seat and we are considered to be selfish/self-centered if we do anything to please ourselves even once.

Such double standards can people have!!!!