Friday, September 08, 2006

Travel DTC

Today for the first time I realised how horrifying it can be to travel by DTC bus, if you dont know its functionality. First time I travelled alone by DTC. Stood for more than 30 mins to catch a bus which is said to have a frequency of 10 minutes. A bus comes which is loaded and tilted due to the weight of the number on it... I thought that it will not stop but how wrong I was... It stopped and to my amazement, people even managed to get on to it- pushing, struggling. I didnt even try for it... I allowed that bus to pass on... Another bus comes... It is again loaded... Still some people run after it and manage to get on to it... I realised that in this way, I will just be stranded there and will never get on to any bus....

I decided to board the next bus.... Thankfully, the next bus was not so crowded.... Still I had to run, push, struggle to board it... Somehow I get in... Now here comes another struggle to purchase the ticket... Again you have to push to reach the bus conductor... Everyone wants to be the first one.. The reason being in case any senior conductor boards the bus in between and asks for the ticket and if you dont have it, a fine of Rs. 100 and 15 days imprisonment..... So you cant stand peacefully in a queue to wait for your turn.... You have to find your own way to get the ticket if you dont want to be caught..... Amongst all this, the crowd is the saddest part... Men take advantage of such situations and they try to push you, press you, rub against you much to your irritation, anger, frustration... There you are, trying to find a place to keep your feet on the ground and protect yourself from the sweat, smell and those dirty gestures by MEN.

So think twice before you travel by DTC otherwise be smart!!!

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