Thursday, September 28, 2006

Surprised Again..

Was waiting at the airport to take the flight to Maldives. From a distance I saw one guy whose face seemes familiar to me. But I just dismissed my thoughts saying that I may be wrong... May be he resembles someone I know... After sometime while I was standing in the queue for security check-in, the same guy comes and asks me whether I have done the baggage verification. I said 'Yes'.

He pointed at me with those I-know-you-look in his eyes.. I also had the same expression. Pat came out his name: Yogesh. He was my school friend Alpana's younger brother whom I had not seen for the last 15 years.. Best thing was that he also recognised me and remembered my name.

I had actually been remembering my friend for the last few days.. I thought of the ways to contact her but didnt find the right direction.. I left the school after class 8. Then we hardly ever met.. She changed her house. I didnt have her phone number or email id... So actually speaking there was no way of contacting her again. Meeting her brother on the airport actually gave me direction to get in touch with her.. Took her number from him and made a call as well to her.. Also got to know about a lot of other classmates of mine whom I had completely lost...

Well, life is full of wierd and pleasant surprises.. You never know sometimes who comes as a blessing and your wish is fulfilled.

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