Thursday, September 14, 2006

Irritating Boys

Have you ever come across a person who sticks to you like a chewing gum and then never comes off, no matter how hard you try.... First the person becomes your friend, then he wants to know everything about you, wants you to be available for him whenever he wants, wants you to talk to him whenever he says, wants you to answer his each and every question... Agree that you know him, but does that mean you dont have any privacy or personal life? Are you not entitled to any freedom or space? Why is it necessary to answer him and tell him about each and everything! Cant he just leave you at peace? You have made everything clear to him that you have a busy life and he should not expect much from you but still he does.

Friendship does not mean that you are answerable for each and every act of yours. It also means that you give that required space and respect the other's need for privacy but I guess some people dont understand this....

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