Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Confused or Embarrassed!!

A guy stops his car in front of you. He asks you whether you are going to XYZ company. You look at him suspiciously and are perplexed. Who is this who knows about your work place?? And why is he asking you all this?? You dont even know this guy or recognize him. Probably he understands your dilemma and says that he belongs to so and so team and even confirms your team.

This is what happened with me just a couple of days back. While I was waiting for the cab in a bad mood, since it was late, a car stops in front of me. The guy rolled down the window and asked me if can drop me to the office? Perplexed, I stared at him. Hundred questions in my mind: Who is he? Why is he asking me? How does he know the place of my work? What are his intentions? Probably he guessed my uneasiness. He confirmed about his team and his PM(whom I knew). Still, to be on the safer side, I said that I am not going to Centre Court office but to Unitech Office (we have our office at two different locations). He confirmed that he is also going to Unitech. Ok.. So I decided to go with him.

I asked him how does he know me?? He said that he had seen me many times during the meetings in office and also in the society where we were staying. Rather he has seen me almost everyday when I cross his block on my way back to home. Ahem!! So this guy knows me whereas I dont even remember seeing him even once. Hesitantly, I asked him his name. I apologized for not being able to recognize him. I actually didnt know where to look. This guy knows me, recognizes me, offers me a lift and I dont even remember seeing him ever. He tells me about his family, whereabouts. It was actually quite nice of him. After reaching office, I was wondering that why am I so naive?? Why dont I notice people, not that I am noticeable but still!!! Probably I need to keep my eyes open and look around.

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