Thursday, September 28, 2006

Surprised Again..

Was waiting at the airport to take the flight to Maldives. From a distance I saw one guy whose face seemes familiar to me. But I just dismissed my thoughts saying that I may be wrong... May be he resembles someone I know... After sometime while I was standing in the queue for security check-in, the same guy comes and asks me whether I have done the baggage verification. I said 'Yes'.

He pointed at me with those I-know-you-look in his eyes.. I also had the same expression. Pat came out his name: Yogesh. He was my school friend Alpana's younger brother whom I had not seen for the last 15 years.. Best thing was that he also recognised me and remembered my name.

I had actually been remembering my friend for the last few days.. I thought of the ways to contact her but didnt find the right direction.. I left the school after class 8. Then we hardly ever met.. She changed her house. I didnt have her phone number or email id... So actually speaking there was no way of contacting her again. Meeting her brother on the airport actually gave me direction to get in touch with her.. Took her number from him and made a call as well to her.. Also got to know about a lot of other classmates of mine whom I had completely lost...

Well, life is full of wierd and pleasant surprises.. You never know sometimes who comes as a blessing and your wish is fulfilled.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Snapshots of Maldives

Flag of Maldives

Our Water Bungalow

View from the Plane.

Hulhule Runway

Hullumale Beach

Maafushivaru T-Club

Beach at Maafushivaru

Maldivian Dreams

Had been on a holiday to a paradise which is commonly known as Maldives... A place which one must visit if you want a real holiday or want to see another world... Its a world away from the world... The sea is absolutely clean, transparent... One can actually see the sea life, corals with naked eye... Nature is at its best here... Its a 100% Muslim country and very safe.. People are nice, warm, affectionate, polite.... The affair starts the moment you land there... The runway is built on the sea. Its an amazing feeling to land on a runway with sea on both the sides.. The view from the plane is just awesome...

I stayed at a resort for two days named Maafushivaru T-Club. Went to that resort by sea-plane and then by boat which called Dhoni in Maldives. Its a resort where only Italians stay... But I got a chance to stay there, coutesy my brother whose friend is working there.. Staying in a resort like this was something I had never imagined... You are away from everyone.. Dunno whats happening in the world.. Just enjoy the beauty of the place.. Go for water sports, snorkelling, diving, swimming... The only thing that I did was eat, sleep and relax.... Tried snorkelling but I realised there that I have forgotten how to swim... :-(( But there are always options available.. So took a life jacket and went.... Had never seen sea life before... Its a altogether different experience which I may not be able to describe in words.. Its a feeling which one needs to feel when you see those beautiful fish, corals.... The best thing about that resort was there was no TV in any of the rooms... Its just because that the management wants the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the place rather than confined to the rooms watching the idiot box.... The chef is an excellent one who knows how to make mouth watering Italian food...

Rest of the days were spent in Hullumale which is a part of Maldives... Everyday I went to Male which is the capital of Maldives.. Its a 20 min ride by ferry and very comfortable... Ofcourse the view is amazing.... Male is a small city which is spread out in an area of not more than 5 Kms... One shall prefer to walk rather than take a taxi to roam around... The two main shopping streets are Majeedhee Magu and Chandheenee Magu. Magu means Road in Dhivehi, which is local language of Maldives. Traffic is very smooth... People dont blow horns on your face if you walk around or cross the road.. Infact nobody uses horns there... They let others go by whether he is on a vehicle or on foot..... You get all the latest stuff that you want... Saw some real swanky cars, bikes... Infact even the taxis are luxurious cars... Very well maintained... Taxi fare is fixed - 15 Rufiya whatever the distance you want to travel....

People are crazy about Hindi films.. they all are big fans of Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta and others.. Name the latest movie and they would be aware of it... Infact Maldivian music is totally INSPIRED by Bollywood music... The music is the same minus the lyrics.... Weather is very nice... It is sunny but not at all humid... Nice cool breezy weather which allows to walk even during the afternoon....

One thing that caught my attention the moment I landed there was the Maldives' Flag... Its a huge red and green flag with a white moon on it hoisted near the Presidential jetty.. Very beautiful and eye catching colors.... Got a pic also clicked next to it.....

Whole week was just spent in eating, sleeping and shopping... Bought a lot of sovenirs from there... In all it was a very nice experience to be there... A world away from this world.... A paradise on this earth.... Its aptly called: Maldives- The sunny side of life.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Irritating Boys

Have you ever come across a person who sticks to you like a chewing gum and then never comes off, no matter how hard you try.... First the person becomes your friend, then he wants to know everything about you, wants you to be available for him whenever he wants, wants you to talk to him whenever he says, wants you to answer his each and every question... Agree that you know him, but does that mean you dont have any privacy or personal life? Are you not entitled to any freedom or space? Why is it necessary to answer him and tell him about each and everything! Cant he just leave you at peace? You have made everything clear to him that you have a busy life and he should not expect much from you but still he does.

Friendship does not mean that you are answerable for each and every act of yours. It also means that you give that required space and respect the other's need for privacy but I guess some people dont understand this....

Friday, September 08, 2006

Travel DTC

Today for the first time I realised how horrifying it can be to travel by DTC bus, if you dont know its functionality. First time I travelled alone by DTC. Stood for more than 30 mins to catch a bus which is said to have a frequency of 10 minutes. A bus comes which is loaded and tilted due to the weight of the number on it... I thought that it will not stop but how wrong I was... It stopped and to my amazement, people even managed to get on to it- pushing, struggling. I didnt even try for it... I allowed that bus to pass on... Another bus comes... It is again loaded... Still some people run after it and manage to get on to it... I realised that in this way, I will just be stranded there and will never get on to any bus....

I decided to board the next bus.... Thankfully, the next bus was not so crowded.... Still I had to run, push, struggle to board it... Somehow I get in... Now here comes another struggle to purchase the ticket... Again you have to push to reach the bus conductor... Everyone wants to be the first one.. The reason being in case any senior conductor boards the bus in between and asks for the ticket and if you dont have it, a fine of Rs. 100 and 15 days imprisonment..... So you cant stand peacefully in a queue to wait for your turn.... You have to find your own way to get the ticket if you dont want to be caught..... Amongst all this, the crowd is the saddest part... Men take advantage of such situations and they try to push you, press you, rub against you much to your irritation, anger, frustration... There you are, trying to find a place to keep your feet on the ground and protect yourself from the sweat, smell and those dirty gestures by MEN.

So think twice before you travel by DTC otherwise be smart!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Confused or Embarrassed!!

A guy stops his car in front of you. He asks you whether you are going to XYZ company. You look at him suspiciously and are perplexed. Who is this who knows about your work place?? And why is he asking you all this?? You dont even know this guy or recognize him. Probably he understands your dilemma and says that he belongs to so and so team and even confirms your team.

This is what happened with me just a couple of days back. While I was waiting for the cab in a bad mood, since it was late, a car stops in front of me. The guy rolled down the window and asked me if can drop me to the office? Perplexed, I stared at him. Hundred questions in my mind: Who is he? Why is he asking me? How does he know the place of my work? What are his intentions? Probably he guessed my uneasiness. He confirmed about his team and his PM(whom I knew). Still, to be on the safer side, I said that I am not going to Centre Court office but to Unitech Office (we have our office at two different locations). He confirmed that he is also going to Unitech. Ok.. So I decided to go with him.

I asked him how does he know me?? He said that he had seen me many times during the meetings in office and also in the society where we were staying. Rather he has seen me almost everyday when I cross his block on my way back to home. Ahem!! So this guy knows me whereas I dont even remember seeing him even once. Hesitantly, I asked him his name. I apologized for not being able to recognize him. I actually didnt know where to look. This guy knows me, recognizes me, offers me a lift and I dont even remember seeing him ever. He tells me about his family, whereabouts. It was actually quite nice of him. After reaching office, I was wondering that why am I so naive?? Why dont I notice people, not that I am noticeable but still!!! Probably I need to keep my eyes open and look around.