Monday, August 07, 2006

Privacy Matters

How important is privacy to you?? I am sure that most of the people would say
that its one of the most important aspect of their lives... Everybody wants
his/her own privacy at some point of time..... And this is required at every step in day to day life e.g. while working, talking over the phone, meeting friends, writing diary, traveling, reading, sleeping, walking, watching TV... By privacy I certainly dont mean that nobody should be looking at you directly... What I mean by privacy that you should have the freedom to do things the way you want to without being interrupted and questioned....

I have a firm belief that we all have the right to this privacy.. Nobody should get offended by it if we want to do things on our own without anyone poking their nose into it..... After all its our life and we have the right to do things the way we want to without letting others know or being interfered by their opinions/questions... I have this post written just to let the world know that I respect and demand my privacy and nobody is allowed to take it away... It has got nothing to do with my status... I am an individual and I demand my privacy and I will have it!!!!

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