Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lifting Mode

Stepped into the lift as usual yesterday... The electricity was playing hide and seek like it happens usually in Gurgaon.... Still I got into the lift without much thinking... So the moment the lift reached the ground floor, it got stuck.. Lights went off, fan stopped and the door jammed.... I tried to find the button for G, pressed it again and again but nothing happened... As luck would have it, I didnt have my mobile with me... Pitch dark and not a breath of air... I was sweating profusely... In all this I forgot that I can shout, as if my voice was choked... Pressed all the buttons and in the course of it, I pressed the alarm button as well... The moment I realize that the alarm had started blowing, I pressed it again and again and again and again!!!!

Thankfully, somebody heard that and he called the guard... The guard somehow opened the lift and I was out sweating and almost choked.... So now I have the experience of getting stuck in lift and not just heard about it..... Its scary, believe me.....

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