Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last Wish!!

While speaking to my friend the other day, he just asked me that if starting from now I had just 24 hours left with me what all would I like to do? After a quick thinking, I said that the only thing that I want to do is to sort out all the differences with this very good and close friend of mine... He means a lot to me and I would not like to leave without clarifying the misunderstandings....

Then he asked, what else and I was silent... I had no other wish... Well, he was quite surprised since he had thought that I will have some good things to say atleast but none!!! I asked him the same question as to what would he like to do if he had just 24 hours of his life left!! The list was quite an interesting one..
-- go to some beach
-- visit Switzerland.(How interesting - visit a beach and swiss at the same time)
-- do lots of shopping - watches, clothes, electronic gadgets, perfumes, shoes
-- drink and party all night
-- and then end it up in a luxurious room of a 5-star hotel with a beautiful babe.

I must say I was quite amused by his wish.. He said that its really sad to know that I dont have any interesting last wish.. I believe that it also depends on what kind of situation are you in at that time. Also, I am quite sure that the wishes change as well with the due course of time. So at this point of time, I have just one wish and I would sincerely would not want it to be my last wish.


Mrigank Vallabh said...

What would be one's last wish? This question is as inane as asking 'What if pigs had wings?' Lady never attempt to answer such questions even to yourself. This question can only be answered if you actually had only 24 hours. Believe me, any attempt to answer such questions without the real situation only brings out the wishes and desires, that you hold important to be sorted out. There is a danger that you'd expose your weakness to the whole world, which may ignore it at best and make you weep at worst.

Soulmate said...

Mrigs, dont worry.. Given a situation now, if I have just 24 hours left, my answer is the same. So these are very situational.. No one knows what the wish would be 1 year from now.

Zona said...

if i had 24 hrs ,
then i would see my parents and brother first ,

then fly to france to see the actress of the movie AMELIE (Audrey Tautou ).
if she is willing would love to take her for a short walk and talk just like friends , i like her .