Monday, August 28, 2006

The Affair Ends...

Back from the exciting trip to Jaipur, but the hangover is still there... Two days spent in Jaipur were total bliss... Vibrant colorful PINK shops, thou the name Pink City.. The shops are neatly lined, numbered and named. Nothing like other cities where you keep on searching for a shop number... The endless variety and colors of bandhini just drives you crazy... The range can be as low as Rs. 250 and it can go as high as you want it to be.... There is a particular lane : Manihariyon ka Rasta which is famous for bangles... Their speciality is lac bangles and what they call in hindi as : 'machine cut chooda'. I had never seen such beautiful bangles in my life before.. It seems as if Jaipur has been made keeping in mind: What Women Want!!!

Whole day just went by in shopping, shopping and more shopping.. I dont remember that we came out of any shop without buying anything.... Have never done so much of shopping in just one day - bangles, sarees, suits, jootis, show pieces, blue pottery, earrings, jaipuri razai, bed covers.. It was as if we had bought the whole of Jaipur... The icing on the cake was the bargaining that we did. Had a typical Rajasthani Meal of Dal, Baati, Choorma, gatte ki sabzi, missi roti, bajre ki roti, kair sangri..... I also tried their local Dairy Fun ice-cream and it was so-so..

Went to Chokhi Dhani in the evening which is a Rajasthani Resort and full of life in the evening.. There is a fair going on with lots of activities : boat ride, camel ride, bullock cart ride, mehendi, folk dance, magic show, puppet show, shooting, photography, astrology, potrait making, get your name written on rice.. The thing which cuts above the rest is the food and the way it is served here.. We sit on the floor and eat in pattal(leaf plates).. One cannot say 'NO' to anything. Even if you just taste it, it is served to you.. Diet Conscious people - just beware... If you dont put butter on your roti, they will put and mind you- they put lots of it.. Also if you say no to anything, they think that probably you didnt like the food.. Only disadvantage is that in the whole course of it, a lot of food is wasted because one cannot eat so much and eventually we end up wasting it (I dont like wasting Food)... The food is very tasty and one needs to be very hungry and have a big stomach to finish all of it...

One thing that really amazed me were the guides. We were going st snails pace in the traffic and suddenly this man appears who starts telling us about the city and the ways to the palaces and forts.. He actually starts running with the car and asks us to hire him as a guide.. Weird.. Had never seen this before anywhere... Didnt see many palaces or forts.. Just saw Hawa Mahal and City Palace which was being decorated for some NRI's wedding.

So, here is Jaipur with its beautiful colors, forts, palaces, mouth-watering food, warm hearted, hospitable and affectionate people. While writing this, I am already planning for my next visit to Jaipur.

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