Monday, August 28, 2006

Memories from the Pink City

Hawa Mahal
Streets Of Jaipur



The in-famous Dairy Fun Ice-Cream

The Affair Ends...

Back from the exciting trip to Jaipur, but the hangover is still there... Two days spent in Jaipur were total bliss... Vibrant colorful PINK shops, thou the name Pink City.. The shops are neatly lined, numbered and named. Nothing like other cities where you keep on searching for a shop number... The endless variety and colors of bandhini just drives you crazy... The range can be as low as Rs. 250 and it can go as high as you want it to be.... There is a particular lane : Manihariyon ka Rasta which is famous for bangles... Their speciality is lac bangles and what they call in hindi as : 'machine cut chooda'. I had never seen such beautiful bangles in my life before.. It seems as if Jaipur has been made keeping in mind: What Women Want!!!

Whole day just went by in shopping, shopping and more shopping.. I dont remember that we came out of any shop without buying anything.... Have never done so much of shopping in just one day - bangles, sarees, suits, jootis, show pieces, blue pottery, earrings, jaipuri razai, bed covers.. It was as if we had bought the whole of Jaipur... The icing on the cake was the bargaining that we did. Had a typical Rajasthani Meal of Dal, Baati, Choorma, gatte ki sabzi, missi roti, bajre ki roti, kair sangri..... I also tried their local Dairy Fun ice-cream and it was so-so..

Went to Chokhi Dhani in the evening which is a Rajasthani Resort and full of life in the evening.. There is a fair going on with lots of activities : boat ride, camel ride, bullock cart ride, mehendi, folk dance, magic show, puppet show, shooting, photography, astrology, potrait making, get your name written on rice.. The thing which cuts above the rest is the food and the way it is served here.. We sit on the floor and eat in pattal(leaf plates).. One cannot say 'NO' to anything. Even if you just taste it, it is served to you.. Diet Conscious people - just beware... If you dont put butter on your roti, they will put and mind you- they put lots of it.. Also if you say no to anything, they think that probably you didnt like the food.. Only disadvantage is that in the whole course of it, a lot of food is wasted because one cannot eat so much and eventually we end up wasting it (I dont like wasting Food)... The food is very tasty and one needs to be very hungry and have a big stomach to finish all of it...

One thing that really amazed me were the guides. We were going st snails pace in the traffic and suddenly this man appears who starts telling us about the city and the ways to the palaces and forts.. He actually starts running with the car and asks us to hire him as a guide.. Weird.. Had never seen this before anywhere... Didnt see many palaces or forts.. Just saw Hawa Mahal and City Palace which was being decorated for some NRI's wedding.

So, here is Jaipur with its beautiful colors, forts, palaces, mouth-watering food, warm hearted, hospitable and affectionate people. While writing this, I am already planning for my next visit to Jaipur.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Rajasthani Affair

Here I am writing this post and getting ready for my next travel. I have planned to go to Jaipur- The Pink City, this weekend. Finally!!! Even though it is quite a short visit still I am happy about it. The amount of planning that has gone in to make this trip happen has never been done before.. Am sure it sounds bizarre!! Its all because of the people I am travelling with. Well, that also happens and this is what is life.

Anyway, am very excited about the trip and look forward to it. Jaipur is a very colorful and vibrant city. Lots of ethnic stuff, bangles, jootis, palaces, forts, folk dances and on top of it, rajasthani food... Yummy!!! It tells the story of the great Rajput warriors... The history of Rajasthan is very glorious with so many wars being fought and the brave soldiers who were born here... Am going to Jaipur for the first time and it will be one different and exciting experience.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last Wish!!

While speaking to my friend the other day, he just asked me that if starting from now I had just 24 hours left with me what all would I like to do? After a quick thinking, I said that the only thing that I want to do is to sort out all the differences with this very good and close friend of mine... He means a lot to me and I would not like to leave without clarifying the misunderstandings....

Then he asked, what else and I was silent... I had no other wish... Well, he was quite surprised since he had thought that I will have some good things to say atleast but none!!! I asked him the same question as to what would he like to do if he had just 24 hours of his life left!! The list was quite an interesting one..
-- go to some beach
-- visit Switzerland.(How interesting - visit a beach and swiss at the same time)
-- do lots of shopping - watches, clothes, electronic gadgets, perfumes, shoes
-- drink and party all night
-- and then end it up in a luxurious room of a 5-star hotel with a beautiful babe.

I must say I was quite amused by his wish.. He said that its really sad to know that I dont have any interesting last wish.. I believe that it also depends on what kind of situation are you in at that time. Also, I am quite sure that the wishes change as well with the due course of time. So at this point of time, I have just one wish and I would sincerely would not want it to be my last wish.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Have you found your soulmate?

How do you decide whether you have found your soulmate?? How do you decide that this is the person you want to spend your life with?? How do you decide that this is the perfect life partner for you?? How do you decide whether this is the person with whom you want to share yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your aspirations, your insecurities, your inhibitions?? How do you decide whether this is the person with whom you dont have to think twice before speaking out anything?? How do you decide that this is the person with whom you want to walk every walk of life, that you want to hold on to him whenever you fall, whenever you need guidance, you need advice, you need support??? How do you decide that this is the person who will love you for what you are and is ready to accept you in every way, the one who does not want you to change for him and vice versa?? How do you decide that this is the person who loves you unconditionally?? How do you decide that this is the person who means the world and you can't live without??

Well, I am still looking for an answer to the above questions!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Being Independent

What does being independent mean to you... Is it the right to do anything and everything the way you want to or to live alone or never being questioned or take decisions on your own or when you start working or you have the right to go about anywhere without anyone's intervention....

Yesterday was our Independence Day and as we enter into the 60th year, I believe a lot of things have changed since then.... We are independent but in what way.. The British have left us but we are still stuck in other boundaries of caste, creed, racial discrimination and other factors... Since then there are wars, problems, tensions... Who would have thought that one day even traveling would become such a safety hazard... I believe we may have become independent of any other ruler but we are confined in a different prison now and it is quite sad.... For me this day reminds again of the sacrifice of the freedom fighters and not to forget our defence forces who are still protecting us from intruders......

Monday, August 14, 2006

Living or Surviving

The question is are you living or surviving... Probably it would be difficult to answer this considering what is the difference between the two??? Well, living would be that you know what you want out of this life,what are you looking for, your dreams, aspirations, goals, motivational factors.... Surviving would be you have no desires left and you dont look forward to anything in life.. Days just come and go by.... You dont aspire, desire for anything.... You are just existing in this world and not making any use of your existence.... Well, we get to live only once so we need to make the most of it....

The only obstacle that I could find to this is the kind of experiences we have had in our lives... When things dont seem to work anywhere in any direction, we start losing out... We stop wanting anything and we lose trust in this life and most importantly in ourselves... We had tried every method of picking up the left over threads and moving forward but somehow it doesnt work... It is as if life has decided to fail you, break you, pull you back in whatever you do..... We put our heart and soul in whatever we do, but what do we get in the end.. Just another blow from life which makes you realize that you are not worth of anything... Now if we lose interest in this life, we cannot be blamed for it...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Delhi Half Marathon

So the event has come up again... One can decide how far he/she wants to run: 21 km/7 km/4.3 km... The event is organized for a social cause and I am quite keen to take part in it... But I guess I will not be able to do so,considering the fact that now I wait to gasp breath after walking briskly for just 100 meters and God only knows what will happen if I run for such a long distance.... The sitting job of a software engineer makes our muscles so rigid that we find it difficult even to walk for half a kilometer....

I remembered my school days when I came to know about the event. We used to have marathon race in school as well and we used to run for about 5 kms or so... Those days even though I was not the winner but I used to participate every year and finish the race... Running all the way till Rajpur was fun... By the end of it, we were dead tired but it was worth it.... I guess the spirit is more important than the winning..

Here I am writing this post and wondering whether I will be able to participate in this half marathon or not!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lifting Mode

Stepped into the lift as usual yesterday... The electricity was playing hide and seek like it happens usually in Gurgaon.... Still I got into the lift without much thinking... So the moment the lift reached the ground floor, it got stuck.. Lights went off, fan stopped and the door jammed.... I tried to find the button for G, pressed it again and again but nothing happened... As luck would have it, I didnt have my mobile with me... Pitch dark and not a breath of air... I was sweating profusely... In all this I forgot that I can shout, as if my voice was choked... Pressed all the buttons and in the course of it, I pressed the alarm button as well... The moment I realize that the alarm had started blowing, I pressed it again and again and again and again!!!!

Thankfully, somebody heard that and he called the guard... The guard somehow opened the lift and I was out sweating and almost choked.... So now I have the experience of getting stuck in lift and not just heard about it..... Its scary, believe me.....

Happy Rakshabandhan

Today is Rakhi and like every other year, I am not tying rakhi on my brother's wrist. I still dont know the exact reason but what I have been told is that in my father's family this day is not celebrated... So I have grown up just wishing my brother this day... The biggest festival of brother/sister relationship is not celebrated in my house... But that does not lessen the love and comfort that I and my brother share....

I used to tie rakhis to my cousins which I have been doing since the day they were born... I miss the days spent when I was in Doon and my cousins used to come over.. They had their demands placed well before as to what would they like to eat and what kind of rakhi would they want.... And I used to be so happy fulfilling their small wish... My Mother used to make all good delicacies and I used to even put 'mehendi' a day before... It was a kind of celebration.. New clothes, mithai, kheer, holiday.... Now nothing of all this is done anymore in Gurgaon... The only thing that still remains is wearing new clothes and wishing my brother through phone.... No cousins here and no celebrations here..... Rakhis are sent by post which are sometimes acknowledged and most of the times not.....

Still I get the feeling of festivity on this day and be happy.....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Privacy Matters

How important is privacy to you?? I am sure that most of the people would say
that its one of the most important aspect of their lives... Everybody wants
his/her own privacy at some point of time..... And this is required at every step in day to day life e.g. while working, talking over the phone, meeting friends, writing diary, traveling, reading, sleeping, walking, watching TV... By privacy I certainly dont mean that nobody should be looking at you directly... What I mean by privacy that you should have the freedom to do things the way you want to without being interrupted and questioned....

I have a firm belief that we all have the right to this privacy.. Nobody should get offended by it if we want to do things on our own without anyone poking their nose into it..... After all its our life and we have the right to do things the way we want to without letting others know or being interfered by their opinions/questions... I have this post written just to let the world know that I respect and demand my privacy and nobody is allowed to take it away... It has got nothing to do with my status... I am an individual and I demand my privacy and I will have it!!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ego Issues

So there are ego issues with the person with whom you work.. He always has something against you to say.. He is always criticizing you and pulling you down... He is always interfering with your work.. He always has problems with whatever work you do... He is always cutting you... He is always on the look out to get in tiff with you... On top of it, you always help him whenever there is a need..... Whats the best thing to avoid any conflicts!!! I suppose avoid him and do your work to the best of your ability as long as your manager is happy....

But for how long will you do this... There has to be an end to it.. This cannot go on forever and ever.... The day you say something to reply back, the person just stops talking to you... He thinks that you have a big mouth and you have no right to reply him back... Moreover the person is going to be a manager soon so he thinks he can say and do anything he wants to and no one will react to it... How very wrong he is....

All of the above has happened recently with me.. My colleague behaved and I gave just one reply.. Since then no more talking... Fine enough.. I tried to forget everything and be normal in our professional relationship but somehow he doesnt seem to be...

So now we are two poles apart and I am very happy atleast....... No more snapping from him.....