Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Living in a bubble

The moment I enter into a lift, all I do is press the button and look up to see the control panel... Even if I try to look around me, everyone else seems to be doing the same. Avoiding the eye contact as much as possible. We just wish that the person standing close does not notices us and that bothers away the small talk that we can have. We want to live with ourselves at that moment. All the day, we are interacting with people: team members, managers, helpdesk, IS, cab drivers, shop keeper, family, friends. So whenever we get a chance we want to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. We are so afraid that someone might intrigue our privacy or burst our bubble and force us to face upto the world outside.

Similar is the situation faced while we board a bus, a train or a flight, while we shop, while taking a walk, just about anywhere where there is a possibility of finding someone we know or we might bump into someone who wants to talk to us and pull us back into reality.

The reason that I could envisage behind this behaviour is our busy lives. All the time we are so engrossed with our daily routines, jobs, fulfilling other people's demands that we dont get time to think or spend with ourselves. Therefore, whenever we get a chance in public specially when we are surrounded by strangers we get into that bubble, hoping nobody should prick it. We just want to shut ourselves up from the rest of the world and enjoy our solitude. It gives a kind of mental satisfaction where we dont have to explain anything to anyone, no responses, no questions to be asked, not hear anything, not pay attention. We can just enjoy our thought(s) without any interruptions. God knows when will we get the time again to slip into our bubbles again!!!

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Zona said...

this one i agree with u a lot .

usualy whenever i have to make journies by train i avoid situations which would start up a conversation which would eventualy make me say my full biography to the so called co passengers .

i still wonder why people r so much intrested in others and these so called people never show that intrest to someone in need .

they sit near u and make hell of stupid animated conversaion or even teasing poor people who tries to earn something by selling things in train just to show that they r some kind of big stuff whereas in fact they will b the most stupid person someone could ever see .

its very true live in bubble .