Friday, July 14, 2006


And this is what I dream of:

--- to settle down with the person who means the most.
--- to have a house of my own.
--- to drive and own a car.
--- to travel around the world.
--- to take one good photograph someday.
--- to have long, black, silky hair.
--- to have flawless skin.
--- to go on a cruise.
--- to have kids who are absolutely adorable and naughty.
--- to make my Mother happy atleast once.
--- to be a little more patient.
--- to be more confident when I am giving a presentation.
--- to go back to school once again.
--- to correct my mistakes that I have committed.
--- to re-live my 5 years in Pune and enjoy them.
--- to go out with friends.
--- to have the guts to say 'NO' when I don't agree with something.
--- to not let people walk over me and take me for granted.
--- to acquire a MBA degree.
--- to cook good food like my Mother.
--- to live alone for sometime.
--- to have someone to talk to whenever I need.
--- to be a part of the armed forces.
--- to tell the person who means a world to me.
--- to express myself more expressively.

I know I cant fulfill most of the above mentioned dreams but still!!!!


Zona said...

dreams r the driving forces for everyone to move forward ,
and iam still pushing myself toward my goals as well ..

Soulmate said...

I agree... The world thrives on hope.. And dreams are what we live for...