Monday, July 31, 2006

Do looks matter?

So many times I have seen people saying that they dont bother so much about the looks as long as the person is capable enough to handle the work or he/she is good at heart... But how wrong it is!!! It is a double faced society... Some of the experiences I have had are

At school:

Even though at school, looks should not matter while the grades are given or somebody is chosen for houses/clubs yet it happens there... A person may not be so good at studies, yet he/she is given grace marks or even favored during exams just because he/she is good looking.... Even while choosing the students for the various activities/clubs, good looking students are chosen and favoritism prevails... Even teachers form a opinion about the students on not how he/she performs but how he/she looks...

At home:

It is said that for parents all the children are alike whether they look good or not so good... but alas!!! Favoritism prevails here as well... so whether its food, clothes, studies, sports, extra curricular activities, introducing to others, the child who looks good get the attention... Child discrimination!!!

At interviews:

A very simple, plain but an intelligent man wearing specs with oiled hair enters who is not so good looking and is not so impressively dressed. Another man enters who is dashing, handsome, smart, mixes around and shakes hands with everyone and knows how to impress people with his charm... The interviewers have already decided who is chosen for the job... The only respite can be if it is a telephonic interview where the interviewers cannot see the face of the person and they are genuinely interested in keeping good performers and not good looking people....

At office:

A worker comes to office, does his work quietly and goes off.. He is not the one someone you will notice or who is good looking... He is a hard worker and never gives any reason to complaint about... His work is appreciated by all... He is a very average looking fellow whom you will not turn to look at twice or rather you will not even notice.. There is another worker who is suave, exudes charm, is attractive, persona dignified and knows how to speak in accent but is not such a good performer

Time comes for promotion.. The person who works silently is expecting a good raise and a better position but what happens.. The position goes to his colleague who is not as good as him... The reason being that the other person is better looking than him and knows how to attract people.....

In today's world, I have learnt whether you are a good person by heart or not, it is very very important to be a good person by looks... You must have that charm to attract people in order to be successful.... You must have that personality to convince others that you are the best.... And last but not the least, you must have the good looks if you want the person of opposite sex to love you and be crazy about you so much that he wants to marry you......

So much for the good looks!!!


Zona said...

yeah the points u mentioned r true , iam bit confused here .
Well in some places u have pictured the good looking peson with good people attracting traits , and if other person to have that they he may b able to at par with him in the long run .

In most of the things the looks come into play at the very start in the long run ur true nature pays off , ( from experience )

i agree with u totaly in other people favouring toward better looking people its true , it happens almost everywhere and it partly depends on the people also .

When it comes to marriage ,
i cant agree with u much ..
life will show u the answer for that , and it would b different ,take my words for granted in this matter .

There r situations in life where look wont take u anywhere especialy in a married life .ull know it in the long run .

Mrigank Vallabh said...

Yes looks do matter, and reading your blog I get a feeling that you've a problem with it. Why my dear? I'll give you an honest choice so choose honestly. You've 2 vehicles on display, say Maruti Swift and Tata Sumo, which one would you choose? Tata Sumo is more powerful, cheaper, more spacious, better off roader, and can come with all accessories like music system and A/C. Still would you choose Sumo over Swift? Why not? Looks do matter and they should. I can understand your disgust for this unjustice, but hey who said that this world is a fair place, it's a bleak dream if you thought so. I am not a charm exuding, handsome, good looking person yet I do survive amongst all these handsome butt-holes, so can you. If you don't have looks cultivate something in you, which you think can anchor you in a firm place. It is no fun being a cuddly pet dog lady, be a wolf!

Soulmate said...

All the above have been written based on my experiences.. I myself know that looks are not everything but I have been proved wrong time and again... Agree that being a wolf would be better.. Mrigank, thats what I have learnt from you.. Just stand by to what you think is right!!! I admire that quality of yours.. Dont care what the others have to say...