Friday, July 07, 2006

Chocolate Day!!!

Since morning I am eating chocolate. As usual my drawer is full of chocolates. Whosoever comes from abroad, gets chocolates specially for me.... Eating chocolate is a sin for me, considering that fact that I have a sensitive skin which reacts to all these stuff. Still I am eating it and enjoying it. Its a bliss for me to indulge in this sin...

Talking of chocolate reminds me of one more thing. Just heard on Radio Mirchi that today is Chocolate Day as well.. This gives another reason to eat as much chocolates as I can. My previous manager was a British and he used to get bags full of chocolates for our BIG team... The mail that he used to sent to everybody clearly mentioned that please come have your share before I come... I used to take both handful of chocolates and even after that I used to be after him to give me more chocolates. I had actually become famous in my office for chocolates. So whenever anyone wanted chocolates, approached me... There was not a single day when my drawer was empty.. Thanks to all the people who got chocolates for me from abroad, now I have stopped eating Indian Chocolates. Dont like them anymore.

I have even developed a good taste for chocolates and can make out whether chocolate is actually good or not. So whatever chocolates I chose, always turn out to be the good ones... I remember when I came back from Singapore/Malaysia, I had a one big bag full of chocolates which I carried as cabin baggage fearing that chocolates might get spoilt if I check-in that bag... People were actually amused when they saw the bag.... So here I am indulging myself completely in the chocolates and their sins...... Thanks to all the people who get chocolates for me whenever they go abroad...

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Zona said...

Memories of choclates r bit bitter for me ,

Have u ever got kicked by someone on ur Birth day ,
well i had been , and that person was my english teacher he thought i was stupid , well iam NOT .

may b my looks dint impress him when i stood on the podium infront of my class mates and recited the english poem " Palanquin Bearers By sarojini naidu "

i started off with first few lines

" Lightly, O lightly we bear her along,
She sways like a flower in the wind of our song;
She skims like a bird on the foam of a stream "

there comes the kick , even to this day i dont know why i was kicked , i was stupid scared by that person . well it happent in 7th std .