Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back to work

And I am back to work.... The trip to Doon was great.... I was too excited to be there and be a part of it for three days... It was a nostalgic feeling.... Being there after such a long time... I was trying to recognise the places where I have spent my childhood... So many things have changed... People have changed, places have changed, areas have developed, roads widened.... But one thing is still there.. The warmth, affection, belongingness..... Saw my house which is under construction, its a lovely place... Very similar to what I had dreamt of always... In this age of PVRs and multiplexes, I saw a movie in an old cinema hall, where the ticket costs just Rs. 50 and its not air-conditioned... Passed through my school.. I wanted to go in but didnt since I was running short of time... Met my relatives, friends, acquaintances... The weather was as usual very pleasant... It had rained and it was perfect to be out on the roads.... No water logged streets, fallen trees, traffic jams like Delhi... I may not be able to write everything about my trip... It was something to experience and I loved every bit of it....

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Zona said...

it must have been realy exciting to see ur old place after a long time ,

i can very well imagine it ,
i had to see a village after a long time , and the smell of that place and mud itself was more than enough to bring back all the memories of that place ,
well i was in there for only for a short period b4 many yrs , and had leave that place to return many yrs later .

itsnice to see a place after a long time ,