Monday, July 31, 2006

Do looks matter?

So many times I have seen people saying that they dont bother so much about the looks as long as the person is capable enough to handle the work or he/she is good at heart... But how wrong it is!!! It is a double faced society... Some of the experiences I have had are

At school:

Even though at school, looks should not matter while the grades are given or somebody is chosen for houses/clubs yet it happens there... A person may not be so good at studies, yet he/she is given grace marks or even favored during exams just because he/she is good looking.... Even while choosing the students for the various activities/clubs, good looking students are chosen and favoritism prevails... Even teachers form a opinion about the students on not how he/she performs but how he/she looks...

At home:

It is said that for parents all the children are alike whether they look good or not so good... but alas!!! Favoritism prevails here as well... so whether its food, clothes, studies, sports, extra curricular activities, introducing to others, the child who looks good get the attention... Child discrimination!!!

At interviews:

A very simple, plain but an intelligent man wearing specs with oiled hair enters who is not so good looking and is not so impressively dressed. Another man enters who is dashing, handsome, smart, mixes around and shakes hands with everyone and knows how to impress people with his charm... The interviewers have already decided who is chosen for the job... The only respite can be if it is a telephonic interview where the interviewers cannot see the face of the person and they are genuinely interested in keeping good performers and not good looking people....

At office:

A worker comes to office, does his work quietly and goes off.. He is not the one someone you will notice or who is good looking... He is a hard worker and never gives any reason to complaint about... His work is appreciated by all... He is a very average looking fellow whom you will not turn to look at twice or rather you will not even notice.. There is another worker who is suave, exudes charm, is attractive, persona dignified and knows how to speak in accent but is not such a good performer

Time comes for promotion.. The person who works silently is expecting a good raise and a better position but what happens.. The position goes to his colleague who is not as good as him... The reason being that the other person is better looking than him and knows how to attract people.....

In today's world, I have learnt whether you are a good person by heart or not, it is very very important to be a good person by looks... You must have that charm to attract people in order to be successful.... You must have that personality to convince others that you are the best.... And last but not the least, you must have the good looks if you want the person of opposite sex to love you and be crazy about you so much that he wants to marry you......

So much for the good looks!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vijay Diwas

Today 26 July is Vijay Diwas... 7 years back we captured the last hill from Pakistan in Kargil War.. But in the course we lost hundreds of our soldiers who gave their lives fighting for their Motherland. Memories of those days are still fresh in my mind.. Everyday in the newspaper there was news of soldiers being killed brutally along with India's next step towards victory... This day still brings tears to my eyes and while writing this my eyes have become moist again. May be I am not able to do the right justice to all those brave soldiers through this little post of mine. My tribute to all the young officers and soldiers who laid down their lives fighting for us and our country. Who can forget the sacrifice of Capt. Vikram Batra who was nick named as Shershah and his famous words: 'Yeh Dil Maange More', Capt. Anuj Nayyar, Capt. Sumit Roy, Lt. Saurabh Kalia, Lt. Vijayant Thapar and hundreds of other soldiers...

Capt. Vikram Batra was awarded Param Vir Chakra, India's highest medal for gallantry, posthumously. Lt. Saurabh Kalia and his patrol party were captured by the enemy and were brutally tortured for 22 days and then killed. Later on their bodies were handed over by the Pakistan Army. Lt. Vijayant Thapar wrote in his last letter that by the time his parents will receive the letter, he will be no more.. All the soldiers fought bravely on the top of those hills where even breathing properly is a problem... They spent days and nights without having food, water, marching towards victory and fighting bravely till we captured all our hills... They were young, energetic, effervescent, full of life, dreams in their eyes, ready to capture the world, just passed out of IMA.... It is sad that many people have forgotten the sacrifice made by them and their families. How I wish to be a part of our esteemed forces!!!

Visit this page to know each and everything about kargil....

Back to work

And I am back to work.... The trip to Doon was great.... I was too excited to be there and be a part of it for three days... It was a nostalgic feeling.... Being there after such a long time... I was trying to recognise the places where I have spent my childhood... So many things have changed... People have changed, places have changed, areas have developed, roads widened.... But one thing is still there.. The warmth, affection, belongingness..... Saw my house which is under construction, its a lovely place... Very similar to what I had dreamt of always... In this age of PVRs and multiplexes, I saw a movie in an old cinema hall, where the ticket costs just Rs. 50 and its not air-conditioned... Passed through my school.. I wanted to go in but didnt since I was running short of time... Met my relatives, friends, acquaintances... The weather was as usual very pleasant... It had rained and it was perfect to be out on the roads.... No water logged streets, fallen trees, traffic jams like Delhi... I may not be able to write everything about my trip... It was something to experience and I loved every bit of it....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Going Home

Finally I am going to my hometown on the coming weekend after a long gap of 4-1/2 years.... Am so excited and at the same time, I am nervous. I have mixed feelings. I am a little nostalgic too.. Will be visiting my relatives, friends, city, school, college after a long time.. There are so many things that I want to do... I want to catch up with all my friends, meet all the relatives, go to all the places where I used to when I was living there, go and meet my teachers, visit my school(which I have heard has changed a lot). On top of it, I have heard that the city itself has changed so much that I will not be able to recognize it. It has grown area wise, population wise and it has developed. Who would have thought that one day Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Lakme and a host of other brand names will be available in a small city like Dehra Dun... I am looking forward to my visit. May be I am too excited to express it in words. The decision was made all of a sudden and I am very happy about it. I will be back in those mountains, roads for three days..... :-))

Trying to control the butterflies in my tummy....

Friday, July 14, 2006


And this is what I dream of:

--- to settle down with the person who means the most.
--- to have a house of my own.
--- to drive and own a car.
--- to travel around the world.
--- to take one good photograph someday.
--- to have long, black, silky hair.
--- to have flawless skin.
--- to go on a cruise.
--- to have kids who are absolutely adorable and naughty.
--- to make my Mother happy atleast once.
--- to be a little more patient.
--- to be more confident when I am giving a presentation.
--- to go back to school once again.
--- to correct my mistakes that I have committed.
--- to re-live my 5 years in Pune and enjoy them.
--- to go out with friends.
--- to have the guts to say 'NO' when I don't agree with something.
--- to not let people walk over me and take me for granted.
--- to acquire a MBA degree.
--- to cook good food like my Mother.
--- to live alone for sometime.
--- to have someone to talk to whenever I need.
--- to be a part of the armed forces.
--- to tell the person who means a world to me.
--- to express myself more expressively.

I know I cant fulfill most of the above mentioned dreams but still!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Travel Bug

So I am planning for a holiday after a long time. Every year this has been my favourite thing to do.. Plan for a holiday and then go to some new destination..... This is the reason I have not been to my hometown Dehra Dun for the last 4-1/2 years... All my leaves went in visiting a new station.... I have travelled to Goa, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad, Malaysia, Singapore in the last 4 years..... I am quite happy about all my experiences.... Since childhood I have loved to travel... visiting a new destination was always a dream for me... Once I started earning, I thought to fulfil atleast this dream of mine.... Of course there were hassles, problems, hesitations, fear but now all that has vanished.. Now whenever I plan for a holiday, all I get in my head is what shall I do there?? how the place shall be? where all shall I visit?? where all shall I click the photographs?? What all to shop?? What kind of food shall I get to try??? What souvenir shall I get from there??
Here I am... Planning for my next visit... If it is abroad then it shall be London, otherwise it shall be Rajasthan in India.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rain drops keep falling on my head

And it rained at last!!! After days and weeks of endless wait, it rained yesterday and since then it is drizzling continuously. The temperature has come down considerably and the humidity level as well... It was such a relief from the scorching heat that we were experiencing for the past so many weeks.... Delhi is worst in summers.... Days were restless and nights, sleepless... What a change now!!! The cool breeze is blowing... I want to be stand out in the balcony and enjoy the weather rather than sit at home.... Everything seems so clean, pure, clear.... The leafs are more green, the flowers more prettier, the water cold, the roads clean and washed out, the birds singing more happily.. Seems like someone has inserted life back into all these lives!!!! Everyone seems to enjoy the rains. Children playing in the puddles, animals getting wet, birds taking a shelter here and there while they try to dry themselves....

Along with rains, come few more good things... hot and crisp pakodas, a cup of hot cardamom tea, bhutta being roasted on the coal and then eaten with lots of nimbu and masala put on it... Also with the rains, out come my raincoat, umbrella, rain slippers.... have to put away my white clothes for sometime..... Few things that I dont like about the rains: water logged streets, cars splashing water on the pedestrians and two-wheelers, smell of dampness, swamp, walking on the road with mud all around, pot holes, mosquitoes that come with rains.....

Still I shall say that rains are more than welcome... Atleast its gives that much awaited relief from the heat and summers....

Monday, July 10, 2006

The FIFA world cup ends.....

Finally the world cup ended!!! Even though am not a fan of soccer but still tried to keep myself abreast of the latest happening in the soccer. I had betted on Brazil at the beginning of the tournament. But alas !! Brazil was out.. Then I thought France would win the world cup.. Sadness again!!! Another sad part was Zidane was given red card... This was his last world cup and not a good way to exit from the game... The match started off nicely with Zidane scoring a goal in the penalty shoot out barely after 6 minutes. Italy made the score to level when Materazzi shot a goal in the 17th minute. Finally it was Italy who won the world cup beating France 5-3 in the penalty shoot-out after a draw in Berlin....

Good part is that the soccer is over since I am not interested in it even a bit and wherever I went in the past one month, all I could find was people talking about soccer.... :))

Friday, July 07, 2006

Chocolate Day!!!

Since morning I am eating chocolate. As usual my drawer is full of chocolates. Whosoever comes from abroad, gets chocolates specially for me.... Eating chocolate is a sin for me, considering that fact that I have a sensitive skin which reacts to all these stuff. Still I am eating it and enjoying it. Its a bliss for me to indulge in this sin...

Talking of chocolate reminds me of one more thing. Just heard on Radio Mirchi that today is Chocolate Day as well.. This gives another reason to eat as much chocolates as I can. My previous manager was a British and he used to get bags full of chocolates for our BIG team... The mail that he used to sent to everybody clearly mentioned that please come have your share before I come... I used to take both handful of chocolates and even after that I used to be after him to give me more chocolates. I had actually become famous in my office for chocolates. So whenever anyone wanted chocolates, approached me... There was not a single day when my drawer was empty.. Thanks to all the people who got chocolates for me from abroad, now I have stopped eating Indian Chocolates. Dont like them anymore.

I have even developed a good taste for chocolates and can make out whether chocolate is actually good or not. So whatever chocolates I chose, always turn out to be the good ones... I remember when I came back from Singapore/Malaysia, I had a one big bag full of chocolates which I carried as cabin baggage fearing that chocolates might get spoilt if I check-in that bag... People were actually amused when they saw the bag.... So here I am indulging myself completely in the chocolates and their sins...... Thanks to all the people who get chocolates for me whenever they go abroad...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Living in a bubble

The moment I enter into a lift, all I do is press the button and look up to see the control panel... Even if I try to look around me, everyone else seems to be doing the same. Avoiding the eye contact as much as possible. We just wish that the person standing close does not notices us and that bothers away the small talk that we can have. We want to live with ourselves at that moment. All the day, we are interacting with people: team members, managers, helpdesk, IS, cab drivers, shop keeper, family, friends. So whenever we get a chance we want to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. We are so afraid that someone might intrigue our privacy or burst our bubble and force us to face upto the world outside.

Similar is the situation faced while we board a bus, a train or a flight, while we shop, while taking a walk, just about anywhere where there is a possibility of finding someone we know or we might bump into someone who wants to talk to us and pull us back into reality.

The reason that I could envisage behind this behaviour is our busy lives. All the time we are so engrossed with our daily routines, jobs, fulfilling other people's demands that we dont get time to think or spend with ourselves. Therefore, whenever we get a chance in public specially when we are surrounded by strangers we get into that bubble, hoping nobody should prick it. We just want to shut ourselves up from the rest of the world and enjoy our solitude. It gives a kind of mental satisfaction where we dont have to explain anything to anyone, no responses, no questions to be asked, not hear anything, not pay attention. We can just enjoy our thought(s) without any interruptions. God knows when will we get the time again to slip into our bubbles again!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Coming back home

The kind of job that we people are into, takes us to different places. Thanks to our onsite requirement, we get a chance to travel abroad. I have seen that it happens with most of us that once we go there, we tend to settle down there. We were supposed to be there for 6 months, then it gets extended for another 6 months, then another 6 months. Eventually we all land up being a citizen of that country. Even though we keep on telling ourselves, that one day we will go back to our country, but it never happens. Probably, the money, quality of life lures us to stay away from our country. We end up staying there forever and becoming a part of it, get dissolved somewhere in the other country which was a stranger to us sometime back.

The other day while watching Swades for the nth time, this thought struck me. Specially the song:
ye jo des hai tera
swades hai tera
tujhe hai pukara
ye woh bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahi sakta.

I become emotional everytime I hear this song. When I went to South East Asia on a holiday, within 10 days I was home sick. I started missing my country, my people, my house, food, potholes, pollution, warmth, affection.. A friend of mine who was in Australia for the past 1-1/2 years told me that if she doesnt come back to India now, she will not be able to come back later as well... I am sure she said that with the experience she gained with her stay there.

I believe I cannot stay away from my India for too long as well... I love it too much.....