Monday, May 08, 2006

Home in a Home

Just a few days back I noticed a small nest outside my balcony near the window. Was wondering whether its a old one and will it be used by any of the birds. After a couple of days I saw that a pigeon was sitting there. and Voila!! what did I find there.. Two small eggs being laid. My happiness knew no bounds. Somebody has found my house suitable enough to lay their eggs. They are such tiny eggs. Am waiting for the day when small pigeons will hatch out of them. Am just too glad......

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Zona said...

pigeons in ur balcony ????
thanks god that they r not in ur room ,

one of my friend at hostel had a pigeon nest inside his room , well he had left the window open when he left for vacation and he was shocked to smell the room so bad when he came back ,
and the best part is that he allowed those babies and mothers to stay with him till they were big enogh to take care of themselves