Monday, May 22, 2006

Dear Diary....

There is something about diaries. Some people write to forget, some write to remember, some write it out of habit while others write it out of need. Whatever may be the case, diary is a place where one can pen down the thoughts whatever come across one's mind!!! I am sure people will be confused as to why am I writing about diaries on a BLOG.... Well.. Well.. Diary is something that has initiated the blog(I feel so).. Till a few years back, we just had diaries for jotting down our thoughts.

One question that comes to my mind is: Are we really honest with our diaries? Sometimes diaries can contain the deepest of desires and the darkest of secrers. This quite a subjective question.While some may write each and everything that they want to, others may refrain out of fear that somebody might read it. Diary is one way of recording important events which we might forget later on. It also serves as a reference point, if we are searching for any particular date/activity/events. I still remember, my Nanaji used to write diary everyday and he did so till the last day of his life. Infact he had preserved all of his diaries.

Writing diaries can be very relaxing. I also feel that people who are reserved and dont talk much, writing is a good option. Also there are instances where we just want to take out our frustration, desires, thoughts without letting anyone know. It can record our good times, bad times, fun times, achievements, failures, dreams, just about everything. It also serves as a resolution to our problems. It happens many a times that we keep on brooding over the problems. Writing diary can help you reach to a solution. It has happened with me. When I think about the problem continously, I dont find a solution. But when I leave it aside for a while and write, the solution strikes me.

Thanks to the computer age, I have stopped writing diary but have started to blog!!!! I hope to continue with it as long as I can, otherwise back to my dear diary......


Zona said...

i started my diary or NOTEBOOK in my case when in college ,

had lot to write , well i was so innocent that some people used me literarly .

Then i woke up to the true face of the people around me , and gradual my notebook went inside to my book shelf , i write once in 2 or 3 weaks .
Blog ill start once i see some pastures ,,,

Soulmate said...

Found this a easier way of putting down my thoughts so started a blog.