Friday, May 26, 2006


This is one word thats in my mind since a long time. Somehow I was not able to make up my mind. Now I the feeling has become quite strong. I want to adopt a child, regardless of the sex. It does not matter whether its a boy or a girl. If the child is a girl, it will be better. I got a mixed reaction from people whom I shared my thought with. While some people thought that its a brilliant idea, others were against it. People are also of the opinion that if I tell this to the person whom I will marry(if at all), he will not appreciate the idea. Well, I think then that person is not worth it. I want to adopt a child since a long time.

I am aware that laws in India are quite stringent about adoption and there is a lot of problem for a single woman who wants to adopt. People can be so biased. At one point of time, a person does all the social work and wants to involve others. But when we actually want to do something good for the benefit of others, we are not allowed it. Am sure if my Mom comes to know about my thought, she will be shocked. She might even end up saying that I can do all this only after my marriage since my husband will be the one to decide. Whereas I dont need a man to support this decision of mine.

I am a grown up lady and I know how to lead life and take care of kids. Have been doing so since a long time. All my cousins who are almost 10-12 years younger to me, used to be with me since they were born. I am being a little selfish as well. On one hand, a child will have a better future, at the same time I will also have someone to look forward to for leading my future life.

I dont know whether I will be able to make this but I will leave no stones unturned. I just pray that this wish comes true...


Morpheus said...

I think its a good idea. There are so many children out there who would love to have a parent and some sort of permanency in life...but the laws in India mean that you could adopt only if you are possibly as famous as Sushmita Sen maybe. Social restrictions wont help...but hey you do what you like..

Soulmate said...

I will try my level best to adopt a child. The only obstacle that I can see is the law here. Will find a solution for the same...

Zona said...

Ok let me put it this way ..

Have u thought of this realy well ???
there r times in life which will make ur child a burden,

i know people who see their own kids as burden imagine how they would treat a adopted kid ..

The point is will u b able to sacrifice and eat ur brain out at times in situation and stand with the kid as ur own ??

Think it over and deicide ..
i just wanted to let u know the harsh reality ,
i appreciate ur deicion , giving a life to someone is realy great .
i may do sponser someone for education once i have enough balance in my account .
Take care and ALL the Best

Soulmate said...

If a person thinks that kids are a burden, then they should not have theier own kids, leave aside adopting anyone.....